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Trump briefly followed this Twitter account dedicated to adorable kittens

We could all use more cute cats in our lives.


Austin Powell


For a few fleeting, cuddly hours, the next president of the United States subscribed to a Twitter account dedicated to adorable cats. 

President-elect Donald Trump briefly followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter Sunday. The account curates some of the cutest cat photos, GIFs, and memes you’ll find online. Here’s one for example:

The addition would not be notable were it not for the fact that Trump follows a mere 42 accounts on the social network—a list comprising mostly family members, hotel properties, business associates, and conservative news outlets and commentators—and has a history of inexplicably retweeting random people on the platform, a trend Saturday Night Live recently spoofed

Twitter immediately noticed the change.

But Trump didn’t stick around for long. He unfollowed the account without even waiting to see the punchline to this joke the @EmrgencyKittens account tried to slide into his DMs.

It’s a shame really. We could all use more cute cats in our lives. Here are a few more, just for good measure.

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