Photo of Kardashian sisters raises suspicion of shoddy photo editing

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Between makeup lines, magazine covers, and fervent social media presence, the Kardashians are as omnipresent as ever these days—and fashion is no exception. But the five sisters’ appearance in Calvin Klein’s fall 2018 campaign became a source of skepticism when people noticed some sketchy details in the photo, BuzzFeed reports.

First, there was major confusion about Kourtney Kardashian’s arm. In the image, her right arm looks disproportionately tiny compared to her left arm and the rest of her body. The skimpy limb alarmed some people on Twitter.

Questions also arose about the timing of the photo, considering that Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were both pregnant at the same time. In the photo, however, only Khloe is pictured with a pregnant belly. Kylie is seen Stormi-less and flat-stomached.

People also wondered why Kendall looks slanted while her sisters appear to be standing flat on the same plane. Even stranger, the only one fully clothed in the picture, while each of her sisters wear Calvin Klein underwear and bra pieces from the new collection. Some guessed the odd juxtaposition meant Kendall wasn’t actually at the photoshoot and was later edited in.

Either way, keeping up with the Kardashians never proved to be so difficult.

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Onaje McDowelle

Onaje McDowelle

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