Confrontation between Pride parade goers and pro-Palestine protesters turns into right-wing meme


‘Intersectional civil war’: Clash between Pride marchers, Palestine supporters quickly becomes right-wing meme

‘The Democrat Party is cannibalizing itself.’


Katherine Huggins


Right-wingers are reveling after pro-Palestine protesters blocked a Pride parade taking place in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The LGBTQ celebration, which came at the start of Pride Month, was brought to a halt as hundreds of pro-Palestine protesters blocked the route, with some holding a fake blood-splattered Pride flag that read “no pride in genocide.”

The protesters called out the marchers, and Pride parades in general, as, “a public relations instrument used by the state to divert public attention away from … violent, repressive policies.”

Both Pride Month and pro-Palestine demonstrations have become frequent targets of criticism from right-wingers online, with the group Queers for Palestine, in particular, drawing much mockery.

Some claimed Queers for Palestine were involved in the protest, though those reports are unconfirmed.

Still, the crossover between the two groups of demonstrators unsurprisingly quickly turned into a right-wing meme.

“The left are eating their own,” quipped one user who shared a video of the incident.

One conservative meme account shared an image of two people representing the Palestinian and Pride flags respectively fighting as someone in a MAGA hat sat back filming.

“Cops should leave and just let the Hunger Games Begin!!” concluded another user.

“They did the meme,” joked someone else of the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man GIF.

“Pride Parade vs Free Palestine March,” another person posted along with the video introduction to the 2012 WrestleMania XXVIII showdown between The Rock and John Cena.

Another conservative dubbed the clash “like some kind of intersectional civil war,” while someone else joked that “the Democrat Party is cannibalizing itself.”

“New flag unlocked,” wrote another poster alongside an image of the Palestinian flag and Pride flag coming together.

“Pro Palestine protesters blocking the Philly pride parade from continuing is a perfect distillation of left wing politics,” concluded OutKick’s Clay Travis. “This is where it inevitably ends: with two left wing interest groups colliding in an oppression Olympics standoff.”

While LGBTQ rights are not recognized in Palestine—and Israel now allows LGBTQ Palestinians to seek asylum—some left-leaning pro-Palestine protesters have argued that persecution on the basis of sexual orientation is not the number one threat to LGBTQ Palestinians living in Gaza.

Some pro-Israel supporters have attempted to flag Palestine’s lack of rights for the queer community to dissuade and discredit progressive protesters who support the cause.

But not everyone believes that logic.

“Last time I checked, weapons can’t tell the difference between queers and straights—and bombs kill us all!” Firas Nasr, a nonbinary Lebanese organizer living in Washington said in a February press release for the group “No Pride in Genocide,” according to the the 19th.

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