Password of the Day website

Password of the Day

This site can get you free access to major subscriptions—if you’re up for a treasure hunt

Free subscriptions to Netflix, Pornhub, and Amazon Prime have already been located.


Mikael Thalen


A new website is offering anyone free access to some of the largest subscription services on the internet, but there’s a catch: You have to find them.

The website, known as Password of the Day, is relatively simple. Give it your phone number and it’ll text you login credentials every day at noon EST. Login credentials to where, you ask? That’s where the fun comes in.

Once you’ve been texted the username and password, it’s up to you to figure out which website they work on. Netflix? Maybe. HBO GO? Perhaps. Pornhub Premium? Possibly.

So far, it appears a decent amount of accounts have been found. A 1-year Tinder subscription was unlocked at the end of January. And just this month, several lucky participants won free accounts on OnlyFans, MasterClass, and BLADE.

How long will the giveaway go for? Nobody actually knows.

The enticing game is the brainchild of MSCHF, a head-scratching company that seemingly enjoys tossing money and weird projects around.

You may remember it from “This Foot Does Not Exist,” a website that texted users computer-generated images of feet. It’s also the company that sold “Jesus Shoes,” custom Nike Air Max 97s with holy water from the Jordan River in the sole.

But its focus isn’t just feet and footwear. The team also created and sold “Puff The Squeaky Chicken,” a bong that not only looks like a chicken but squeaks when you smoke it. MSCHF even sold a bath bomb in the shape of a toaster.


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