Nick Fuentes mocked for Alex Jones tribute that edited out Ali Alexander


‘You cropped a certain someone: Nick Fuentes mocked for Alex Jones tribute that edited out Ali Alexander

‘He’s always said he admires Stalin,’ cracked one observer.


Marlon Ettinger


White nationalist streamer Nick Fuentes jumped to Alex Jones’ defense on X over the weekend after Jones claimed in a broadcast on Infowars that federal agents were going to try to shut down his show and lock him out of his studio in the coming days. 


But eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the photos Fuentes posted had been cropped to exclude a one-time key ally of Fuentes, whose reputation has taken a beating over allegations of inappropriate sexual solicitation of minors: Ali Alexander.

Some of the pictures—which show him with Jones in the Infowars studio with Kanye West, with Jones in front of the Georgia State Capitol, with Jones in front of a podium for the conservative website National File, and with Jones at a Stop The Steal Rally—appear to be are missing Alexander.

“LMAO Nick Fuentes cropped out Ali Alexander out of all these pics,” wrote @MajstcSeagull in a post, showing that in at least three of photos, when zoomed out or shown from a different angle, Alexander is clearly with the group. 

In the photo with West, Alexander’s jacket can clearly be seen next to Fuentes.

Jones owes $1.5 billion in lawsuits won by relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting, and his recent broadcast appears to be a reaction to developments in a bankruptcy court in Houston. 

Lawyers for the Sandy Hook families filed a request to liquidate Infowars after months of dispute over how to settle the debt.

Alexander gained notoriety for his involvement in organizing the Stop The Steal campaign after the 2020 election, including the rally that preceded the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

Rumors about inappropriate behavior from Alexander have circulated to varying degrees of seriousness in the conservative movement, but it wasn’t until last year that two young men went public with allegations against Alexander. Fuentes, who allied with Alexander and Jones in the fight against the results of the 2020 election, has recently started defending him again.

Fuentes initially called the allegations “gross” and said Alexander needed to explain them.

“It’s funny, the whole Ali thing was debunked. Milo [Yiannopoulos] came out and said ‘oh, there’s all this evidence,’ and it never came out,” Fuentes said in a stream at the beginning of May. “There was one thing where I guess he sexted some gay guy who apparently, I mean, at first it looked credible, and then this guy turned out to be following and commenting on like a hundred other gay people’s stuff during that period, so that whole thing got debunked.”

The Daily Dot reported last month that a police investigation in Johnstown, Colorado into allegations that Alexander solicited nudes from underage boys is ongoing. That case was first confirmed by the Daily Dot last April after one of the men who accused him publicly filed a report.

Fuentes’ defense of Alexander recently led some people on X to ask why he’d crop him out now while rallying to Jones’ defense.

“Interesting that you cropped a certain someone out,” posted @IPOT_Official76. “Twice.”

“Why did Fuentes crop out Ali? Weren’t they best friends?” asked @beyond0wen in a reply to Fuentes including a shot of Alexander standing next to Fuentes at a Stop the Steal rally.

Fuentes didn’t respond to a question from the Daily Dot about why he didn’t include Alexander in the pictures.

“He’s always said he admires Stalin,” riffed one X user, referencing an infamous photo edit by the Soviet dictator.

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