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‘Musk is actually cooked’: Zuckerberg’s ‘ripped’ shirtless training pic has Elon fanboys worried

Zuckerberg has been training with UFC stars Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanvski.


Mikael Thalen


A photo of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posing shirtless has supporters of Twitter CEO Elon Musk worried as a possible fight between the two billionaires could soon take place.

Posted to Twitter on Tuesday, a sweaty Zuckerberg, who recently began training in jiu jitsu, could be seen standing next to UFC stars Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanvski at a home gym in Lake Tahoe, California.

The picture, which shows a visibly-muscular Zuckerberg, was met with shock by many who were unaware of just how serious the Facebook founder had been training.

“Dang Zuck is ripped,” one user wrote.

“Zucker nerd jacked,” said another.

Supporters of Zuckerberg, many of whom only recently began favoring the tech titan in the wake of Musk’s disastrous Twitter takeover, argued that the Tesla CEO was in deep trouble.

“Zucks in better shape than 99% of guys out there,” another user wrote. “Musk is actually cooked.”

“Zuck is a beast. Elite fighter fiseek. Would submit Elon in the first round easily,” said another.

Even supporters of Musk had to admit their worry, noting that Zuckerberg appeared vastly more prepared for a potential fight than the SpaceX founder.

“This is not looking good for @elonmusk. Elon, please get in shape,” one user tweeted. “The future of social media hangs in the balance!”

“@elonmusk you better be training man, zuch is looking ready,” said another.

Yet while Zuckerberg has been busy training, Musk, whose own mother has attempted to stop the fight from taking place, has instead spent his time attempting to troll him on Twitter.

In remarks earlier this week, Musk bizarrely proposed “a literal dick measuring contest” with Zuckerberg before calling the Meta CEO a “cuck.”

Tensions between Musk and Zuckerberg have only increased in recent weeks, especially in light of Meta’s launch of the Twitter-like app Threads.

Musk responded to Threads by threatening to sue, alleging Meta stole trade secrets and used confidential information to build the app, an accusation Meta denies.

Although Musk had previously asked Zuckerberg to fight him in Las Vegas, Nevada, whether such a fight will actually go through remains to be seen.

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