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Male Karen accuses ‘Biden crime family’ of stealing election in TV tirade

People were more interested in the man’s ‘BBQ, Beer, Freedom’ shirt than his political rant.


Mikael Thalen


A male Karen interrupted a press conference in Nevada and accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of stealing the election.

Footage of the incident was posted to social media on Wednesday and showed the man going on a tirade over the “Biden crime family.”

Wearing a tank top celebrating BBQ, beer, and freedom, the man also accused the media over helping to cover up the election theft.

“The Biden crime family is stealing the election! The media is covering it up!” the man said repeatedly.

The short-lived outburst hardly deterred election officials, who continued the press conference without missing a beat.

“Where were we? What was the last question?” a Clark County official said moments after.

The man has since become a meme online, with many poking fun at the strange outburst.

“This is how I imagine all the Trump supporters in my mentions,” @GoldGloveTV said.


Others accused the man of being a snowflake, a term used by conservatives to describe liberals following the 2016 election, for refusing to accept defeat.

“Y’all remember when they called us snowflakes & to deal with it?” @ayemrdee added.

But more than anything, individuals all across the political spectrum couldn’t help but agree with the man’s shirt.

“To be fair, the ‘BBQ, Beer & Freedom’ party does have a compelling platform,” @tstweetingagain noted.


Several users compared the man to late comedian Chris Farley as well as the famously out-there actor Randy Quaid.

“Holy crap, Chris Farley is still alive?!” @Chris_nDC joked.

More than anything though, the man’s shirt stole all the attention.

“To come together, we must realize that [what] we have in common is so much greater than what divides us,” @donmoyn said. “For example, I also love BBQ, beer and freedom.”


Regardless of the election’s outcome, it appears as if BBQ, beer, and freedom are the path forward to prosperity and peace.

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