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Lil Pump deletes 2016 tweet about Donald Trump after it resurfaces

‘Lil Pump got bullied into deleting his tweet.’


Eilish O'Sullivan


Lil Pump deleted a tweet that he wrote in 2016 about President Donald Trump after it resurfaced and went viral on Twitter.

The “Gucci Gang” rapper endorsed Trump for president after hearing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax plan. “All I gotta say is Trump 2020, b*tch,” Pump said on Instagram Live to his 17 million followers. “F*ck I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden. F*ck Sleepy Joe.” (Biden proposes raising taxes, in part, for people making $400,000 or more per year.)

Pump followed up the Instagram Live by posting a Photoshopped photo shaking hands with Trump. “THE DAY I MET TRUMP #trump202022020,” he captioned it.

And he’s been posting MAGA content ever since.

Trump brought out his newest fan to speak at his final rally Monday night in Michigan. Despite Trump incorrectly introducing Lil Pump as “Lil Pimp,” the 20-year-old only had kind things to say about the president. “I’ve come here to say, Mr. President, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our country. You brought the troops home, and you’re doing the right thing. MAGA 20/20/20. Don’t forget that! And do not vote for Sleepy Joe at all,” the rapper said, donning a MAGA hat.

Pump’s tweet from 2016 resurfaced soon after. In the tweet, he wrote, “F*ck Donald Trump.” The tweet and its subsequent deletion didn’t go unnoticed by people online.
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