June smart ovens are turning on and heating themselves to 400 degrees

A new report from The Verge says that smart ovens are turning on in the middle of the night. “At least three June smart ovens have turned on in the middle of the night and heated up to 400 degrees or higher,” the article reports.

While user error is likely the culprit, it’s a worrying situation for users. One owner says he woke up at 2:30 a.m. one morning to find his oven had been set at 400 degrees for four hours. Two other June Oven owners have posted about similar issues in a private Facebook group.

June CEO Matt Van Horn explained to The Verge how the ovens could be switching on. “We’ve seen a few cases where customers have accidentally activated their oven preheat via a device … So imagine if I were to be in the June app clicking recipes and I accidentally tapped something that preheated my oven, we’ve seen a few cases of that,” he said.

Specifically, one incident was likely the fault of Amazon’s Alexa and another was probably the result of a June owner accidentally tapping a button in the app when attempting to close it. The Daily Dot reached out to Amazon for comment.

Despite the likelihood that user error is to blame, Van Horn and June are taking steps to avoid similar issues in the future. A September update will allow users to totally disable remote preheats. Another forthcoming update will allow the oven to recognize when there is no food inside of it.


H/T The Verge

Brenden Gallagher

Brenden Gallagher

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