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Jack Dorsey reinvents Twitter in apparent self-own

He's either the most obtuse tech billionaire out there, or a great troll.


David Covucci


Published Aug 13, 2021   Updated Aug 13, 2021, 10:35 pm CDT

Twitter, the website, is constantly tinkering with itself, much to the consternation of its user base. Just this week, it switched the colors on the “follow” and “following” buttons, making users think they were following people they never in a million years would have while simultaneously making them fret that they had somehow unsubscribed to the closest of friends.

All most users want is a return to a simpler time, when tweets appeared chronologically and antisemitism didn’t dominate the platform.

Well, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey appears to have addressed one of those complaints (no, not the Nazi one), in an extremely convoluted way.

“I used @getvicarious to create and sync a list of all accounts I’m following, set that list to be reverse chron, named it ‘Latest’ and pinned it, and now I can quickly swipe between ranked (algorithm) and all tweets as they happen (inspired by an idea from team),” Dorsey wrote the other day.

Dorsey himself, as CEO, has the power to return his and yours and everyone’s timeline to its “latest” glory, instead of its algorithmically weighted current iteration, which displays posts in erratic fashions that people struggle to comprehend.

After he posted it, Twitter users were stupified by the lengths he’d go to return his personal timeline to its prior state or convinced it was a perfectly executed troll job.

Either way, congrats to the CEO of Twitter, who 15 years after it launched, has invented Twitter.

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*First Published: Aug 13, 2021, 9:02 am CDT