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Internet stans presidential moderator Kristen Welker

She was clearly the most poised person on the stage tonight.


Claire Goforth


Thursday night’s final presidential debate was fraught with internet drama: big man memes, smiling Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden memes, and jokes about goggles.

The millions of Americans who tuned in for the last opportunity to see the candidates face off didn’t seem especially persuaded by either performance.

But one thing the internet was sure of: Kristen Welker of NBC News did an incredible job as moderator.

Moderating a presidential debate is a dangerous game. Often those who accept the challenge wind up on the losing side. Not Welker.

At the conclusion of the debate, Judy Woodruff of PBS complimented Welker’s “superb job tonight.”

Even President Donald Trump couldn’t help but express admiration for Welker’s performance. “I respect very much the way you’re handling this,” he said halfway through the hour-and-a-half debate.

“This sure as hell isn’t going to be the last time Kristen Welker moderates a presidential debate,” tweeted Charlotte Clymer.

“So…@kwelkernbc is going to moderate all future debates ever, right?” added Welker’s colleague Hallie Jackson.

Just about everyone else online chimed in with praise.

While it’s likely that supporters of each respective candidate will claim the victory, the internet agrees Welker is the true winner.

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