Instagram Live Face Filters

Screengrabs via Instagram

Instagram adds Face Filters for live video

Now you can use Face Filters in live videos.


Christina Bonnington


When you’re streaming yourself live on Instagram Stories, soon you can get a bit more playful. Instagram added live Face Filters to its Stories this week so you can augment your visage with fun virtual graphics.

Instagram first introduced Face Filters back in May. However, you could only use them for static photos or recorded videos on Instagram Stories. Now, you can use those very same filters (which include ones that turn you into a kitten or add a rainbow over your head) when you’re livestreaming, as well. For the next week, live video has one exclusive filter that gives you a cool pair shades. You can tap to customize the scene reflected in your shades.

To use Face Filters in a live video, first swipe toward the right on your Instagram home screen to get to Stories. Before or during your stream, tap the face icon in the lower right. Here, you can preview all of Instagram’s available Face Filters. To share your video live, tap the Live button on the very bottom of the screen (to the left of the Normal button, which the app defaults to here).

Once your live broadcast is over, you can either share a replay of it to your stories, or discard it.

Instagram is rolling out these live Face Filters globally over the next few weeks.

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