Instagram introduces 5 new filters and a Manage tab

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Instagram Logo on cell phone

Filter aficionados are going to want this update.

Instagram on Tuesday announced its largest upgrade since treating everyone to the long-overdue joy of caption editing. The latest version of everyone’s favorite photo-sharing app bring us five new filters, quirkily named Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua.


Instagram also says it’s updating how users browse filters by adding a quick-glance feature to show how the effect will look on a photo.

Perhaps most graciously, Instagram has gifted its user base with a Manage tab, where Instagram devotees can mark their favorite filters (hi, Walden! I love you!) and hide the ones they despise (goodbye forever, Hefe, I never want to see you again). 

This is the first time Instagram has added creative filtering tools since the summer, when it rolled out its enhanced photo suite.

In other Instagram news, the company just introduced verified badges, helping celebrity Instagram users distinguish themselves from their imitators on the photo-based social network.

Instagram’s filter-focused update is available now for iOS and Android. Presumably, the update will eventually roll out to Windows Phone.

Photo via Digipedia/Flickr | Remix by Max Fleishman