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Online voting, Trump attacks Clinton Foundation, Ethiopian Olympian protests: ICYMI

Important news you may have missed on Monday, Aug 22.


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Published Aug 22, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 5:12 am CDT

Here’s some news you may have missed:

A new report by a trio of nonprofit organizations examines the inherent risks of online voting. “Internet voting will erode voter privacy and threaten election integrity,” the groups warn, noting 28 of the 32 states that employ some form of online voting require voters to sign away their right to a secret ballot.

Striking back after a weeklong news cycle that saw his presidential campaign reduced to a cockeyed circus, Donald Trump, characterizing the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the U.S. State Department as “illegal,” called for the nonprofit to be immediately shuttered. Trump described the organization as “the most corrupt enterprise in political history.”

Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign chief sidestepped questions about the Clinton Foundation, attempting to steer a conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash toward the organization’s charitable operations. The senior staffer also fired back at Trump, labeling him a “puppet for the Kremlin.”

Olympic marathoner Feyisa Lilesa made a gesture as he approached the finish line on Sunday: he crossed his arms above his head. It was a show of solidarity, he later said, with Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromos, who’ve been attacked by security forces while protesting their own marginalization. Lilesa told reporters he fears he will be killed if he returns to Ethiopia.

A video shows programmer Gautier Hattenberger successfully converting an original Nintendo Game Boy into a control for his recreational drone. The specs have been uploaded to GitHub for others who’d like to give it a whirl.

Ryan Lochte will suffer a financial fallout for apparently lying about being robbed in Brazil in order to cover up acts of vandalism and drunken violence. The swimmer will no longer be sponsored by Ralph Lauren or Speedo, both brands announced Monday.

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A week after the Lochte incident, questions are being raised about whether the authorities in Rio, too, are guilty of embellishing their account of an encounter between four U.S. swimmers and a security guard. —via Taylor Barnes and David Meeks, USA Today

American women brought home 27 gold medals compared to 18 for the men. Had they competed as their own country, they would have ranked third overall. —via Jere Longman, New York Times

The FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server uncovered 14,900 emails and documents from her time as secretary of state that had not previously been disclosed by her attorneys. —via Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

Donald Trump is winning the voter registration race in Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa and North Carolina. —via Ben Schreckinger, Politico

Melania Trump is accused of lying under oath after falsely claiming that she graduated from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. —via Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story

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*First Published: Aug 22, 2016, 9:34 pm CDT