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‘Talking about Biden’s package again’: Republicans inundated with dick jokes as they declare Joe Biden to be the ‘BIG GUY’

It's 2020 all over again.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Nov 17, 2022

Now that Republicans have regained the majority in the House of Representatives, the party is revealing its top priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is at the top of its list.

House Republicans are being widely mocked for their promise to investigate the laptop. While much of the commentary was more serious, Republicans’ tweet referring to the president as “the BIG GUY” has inspired many NSFW jokes.

Conservatives have been obsessed with Biden’s laptop since the 2020 election. They’ve continually posted pornographic content and emails that were purportedly on the device.

Initially, some were skeptical about the laptop’s authenticity.

Earlier this year, the Washington Post confirmed that thousands of emails from the laptop are authentic. However, the experts it consulted weren’t able to verify more than 90% of the emails.

Republicans have remained fixated on it, which they’re convinced proves that Biden was involved with shady business dealings. They also believe his father, President Joe Biden, is implicated.

House Republicans are now following through with their vow to investigate the younger Biden’s laptop. They officially announced the investigation on Thursday.

They also posted multiple tweets about the matter, including, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is REAL,” and the cryptic, “Joe Biden is the BIG GUY.”

Hunter Biden purportedly emailed a shady business associate that he had to check with the “big guy” about a business deal.

QAnon conspiracy theorists and GOP politicians cheered the news.

“They have all the Hunter Biden laptop from hell evidence and are going in hard,” conspiracist Ann Vandersteel wrote on Telegram.

Liberals collectively laughed.

“Republicans literally ran on inflation, crime, and the border, but their first order of business: Hunter Biden. Voters should take note for 2024,” the left-leaning political action committee Really American tweeted.

Another observer said that they “give zero fucks” about the laptop.

The “BIG GUY” tweet inspired a slew of dick jokes.

“That’s what your wife calls him,” @gayguycandleco tweeted.

“Are we talking about Biden’s package again?” @LiberalWombat joked.

With their majority, it’s possible the House could subpoena Hunter Biden to testify in front of Congress as well.

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*First Published: Nov 17, 2022, 2:51 pm CST