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Google now tweets relevant search results based off emoji

The eggplant emoji is far less exciting than you would think.


Samantha Grasso


The “Let Me Google That For You” of emoji has arrived.

As of Tuesday, Google‘s Twitter account has the ability to interpret emoji and tweet back search results related to your emoji inquiry.

Yep, all you need to do is mention its account in your tweet (with the handle @Google) and include an emoji to get the conversation started.

Take the demo below: Tweet the burger emoji to Google and in return, you’ll receive a neat li’l pun, a GIF, and a link to search results for “burgers nearby.”

Google’s new Twitter feature works with more than 200 different emoji for food, sites, and activities in your area, according to Mashable.

After taking the feature for a spin this morning, here are just a few of the emoji that actually garner a fun response.

(I tried for a “breakfast taco” emoji combo here, but brunch isn’t too bad either.)

For the record, you can forget about receiving relevant results for the following: sunglasses, smiley face, loud volume speaker, the Great Wave off Kanagawa, person in bathtub, paint palette, slot machine 777s, steam train, church, crystal ball, American flag, suggestive smirk smiley face, and skull and crossbones. Yes, I am deeply saddened that I am unable to find my nearest fortune teller via emoji, too.

That being said, Google does have a slew of fun Easter egg responses, and they’re pretty much all PG—sorry, folks.







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