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Empire State Building lights induce panic, memes

This looks absolutely eerie.


David Covucci


It isn’t hard to know that New York is the epicenter of a global pandemic right now.

Turn on any news channel, visit any site, and you’ll see that the state leading the nation in coronavirus cases, with almost 67,000 reported on Tuesday. New York City is under a stay-at-home order from the government, medical tents are being built in Central Park, and a hospital boat just arrived to help take COVID-19 patients.

New Yorkers are certainly well aware of the state of affairs, but just in case they weren’t, someone decided Monday night it was time to send the fear of God into the city. The Empire State Building was lit up with alarming white and red lights.

The building’s lights were meant to be a salute to the city’s emergency workers, nurses, and doctors who are fighting the virus on the front lines.

But people felt it gave off even more of a post-apocalyptic, eerie vibe than the quiet deserted city already had.


Medical workers deserve all the praise they can get right now. But maybe inducing panic when everyone is already on edge isn’t the smartest way to do it.


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