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In tweetstorm, Donald Trump says he’ll impose high tariffs to companies who outsource jobs

The reaction to Trump’s tweetstorm was predictable


Josh Katzowitz


After a night spent watching the show he loves to hate, President-elect Donald Trump woke up early Sunday morning and began making business policy on his favorite social media outlet.

This week, Trump convinced Carrier to keep between 800-1,000 jobs in Indiana, promising the air conditioning and furnace-making company $7 million in financial incentives during the next 10 years. On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted a warning to other U.S. companies who are thinking about outsourcing their jobs, saying he would impose a 35 percent tariff on their goods.

Though the Trump campaign has determined the Carrier deal was a victory, others have been quick to criticize. Sarah Palin called it “crony capitalism,” and others have said that Trump has given other companies a blueprint for how to squeeze money out of the presidential administration.

And not everybody was impressed by Trump’s early-morning tweetstorm.

Also, there’s this caveat: Despite the fact Trump did save some jobs for Indianans, Carrier is still planning to send hundreds of jobs to Mexico anyway.

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