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Donald Trump thanks the wrong Scott Walker on Twitter after RNC speech

Poor Scott Walker, the one who didn’t give a speech Wednesday.


Josh Katzowitz


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got a primetime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, standing in front of a backdrop showing a farmhouse, endorsing Donald Trump, and blasting presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Walked yelled into the microphone and led the RNC crowd in chants, and afterward, he got personal Twitter congratulations from Trump.

Well, some dude named Scott Walker did. But not the Scott Walker that was in Cleveland on Wednesday. Instead, the Scott Walker that Trump praised after the other Scott Walker was finished speaking is a Murrow- and Emmy-award winning news anchor for WDSU in New Orleans.

This Scott Walker was near the computer before and during Trump’s misguided endorsement hit the internet.

And then … jackpot.

Donald Trump/Twitter

Luckily, Scott Walker—the news anchor, not the governor—was ready with a response.

A few minutes later, Trump realized his mistake and got in touch with the man who actually endorsed him Wednesday.

Luckily for the news anchor, his pain likely will be over soon, since it’s unlikely the governor will make many more national TV appearances this election cycle. But then again, the nightmare might just be beginning for that other Scott Walker.

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