Trump and Giuliana


A picture of Trump and Giuliani with their pants hiked up to their chest is fooling people, despite quite the Easter egg

‘Whoever created the picture… let me know so I can credit you with such wonderful photoshop work.’


Mikael Thalen


A manipulated image depicting former President Donald Trump holding a sex toy next to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has exploded online.

The pair were photographed together at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey last week amid attempts by Giuliani to raise money to pay his many legal fees.

Giuliani, according to CNN, owes millions of dollars in the wake of numerous lawsuits as well as criminal charges tied to his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The image began making the rounds shortly after as users on X, mocked the duo’s attempts to raise much-needed cash for Giuliani.

“While at Bedminster, Trump held a Bachelor Auction to help fund Rudy Giuliani’s legal defense,” one user joked. “The @GOP raised $2.03, two Werther’s Butterscotch candies, and one partially used Kleenex.”

Yet the image didn’t go viral until a photoshopped version found its way to X. The image was altered not only to show Trump holding a dildo but to make the pair appear as if they had hiked their pants up absurdly high.

Many users didn’t even notice the dildo at first due to being so distracted by the high-waisted pants.

“The pants are so goddamn high it took me like 3 or 4 glances to notice they photoshopped a dildo into trumps hands haha,” one user wrote.

Some users even admitted to believing the image was real despite the outrageous premise depicted.

Whoever created the picture of trump and Giuliani I tweeted thinking it was real, please let me know so I can credit you with such wonderful photoshop work,” another user said. “And no I didn’t notice the dildo. I just assumed it was a microphone.

A watermark on one copy of the image as well as claims from numerous Twitter users suggests that the Photoshop was created by @Pleightx, a self-described independent humorist. The Daily Dot reached out to @Pleightx to inquire about the image but did not receive a reply.

But a photoshopped image is the least of both Trump’s and Giuliani’s worries. The two men have been embroiled in a never-ending trove of legal troubles since Trump left office.

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