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‘0-3 since honoring these God mockers’: Christians influencers see divine hand in Dodger’s post-Pride event losing streak

The fate Dodgers’ losing streak will be determined by the Angels.


Katherine Huggins


The Los Angeles Dodgers suffered their worst home shutout loss since 1898 on Saturday, as the San Francisco Giants coasted to an easy 15-0 victory.

The win also marked the Giants’ largest margin of victory over their top rival since 2013.

Inconsistency has plagued the Dodgers amid roster shake-ups that have left the team unable to “build any kind of momentum,” according to manager Dave Roberts.

“It’s been hard, obviously, to build any kind of momentum,” Roberts said after the historic loss, according to the Los Angeles Times. “It doesn’t feel good to lose, certainly over a stretch like this. We just have to focus on playing good baseball. If we do that, it will change.”

Saturday’s game was the second time the Dodgers have been shut out by 10 or more runs, according to ESPN—the first time since 2012 they have had multiple 10-run shutout losses in a season.

But to some, the shutout on Saturday was not part of a trend of poor performance that the Dodgers have faced all season long. Rather, it was the result of the wrath of God.

The Dodgers’ Pride Night on Friday came under fire for featuring the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of “queer and trans nuns” that raises money for LGBTQ causes.

After facing backlash from religious groups (and a Florida senator) for inviting the group, the team rescinded its invite on May 17, only to flip-flop and reinvite them after LGBTQ groups criticized the reversal. Amid the controversy, the Dodgers also announced it would be relaunching its “Christian Faith and Family Day.”

Roberts expressed support for the event, saying for him “it just always goes back to loving everyone.”

“And as the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a baseball team, I welcome—we welcome—anyone that comes through these gates to support our ball club,” he added.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which dresses as nuns, has been denounced by groups including Catholics for Catholics as “Christ-mocking.”

Catholics for Catholics organized a protest ahead of the June 16 event outside the stadium, which was praised by prominent right-wingers.

“Seeing thousands of Christians and Catholics praise the holy name of God as they protested against the Dodger’s disgusting embrace and praise of transgender ‘nuns’ was one of the best things I’ve seen happen this year,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

Some (presumably former) Dodgers fans have shared videos of them burning Dodgers merch.

The Dodgers have lost every game since the event, and commenters have been quick to point to the losing streak and shut out as a retaliatory act of God.

“Dodgers are 0-2 since honoring these God mockers,” tweeted one user ahead of Sunday’s game, which the Dodgers then also lost.

“I’m not saying that God’s mad but he might be,” wrote another.

The fate of the Dodgers’ losing streak is in the hands of angels—that is to say the AL West’s Los Angeles Angels—who playing Los Angeles next.

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