Ron DeSantis speaking in front of purple to blue vertical gradient background with Tweet by Preston Parra to his left 'WATCH: Ron-Ball DeSpaghetti has moment of TRUTH in CPAC speech'


Columnist says conservative site fired him for anti-DeSantis memes, deepfake

‘My views were seen as potentially unfavorable to the outlet.’


Claire Goforth


A now-former columnist for the conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) says that he was fired over Instagram posts criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). He claims that RSBN was concerned that his memes about DeSantis would be too much of a headache to deal with.

On Monday, Preston Parra tweeted, “Today I parted ways with @RSBNetwork due to my comments regarding @GovRonDeSantis, although I am an opinion-writer, my views were seen as potentially unfavorable to the outlet.”

“It was explained that Ron’s PR team might not want to work with an outlet that employed writers who criticized him in the fashion that I do on my personal social media.”

RSBN did not respond to an email seeking comment sent Tuesday morning.

DeSantis is notorious for shutting out outlets and journalists whose coverage he views as too harsh and restricting access to only those essentially guaranteed to praise him. One of his events last year even required reporters to agree to give their footage to Turning Point USA, a conservative action group, and explain how they intended to use it.

It is all but certain that DeSantis will run for president in 2024, pitting him against former President Donald Trump, whose endorsement has been credited with DeSantis winning the 2018 Florida governor’s race.

The impending matchup has the former allies turning into increasingly bitter rivals. DeSantis recently banned Trump gear from one of his events. True to form, Trump has taken a much more direct approach by making at times shocking claims about DeSantis and creating nicknames for him, such as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

The schism between the two is dividing Republicans.

Parra is a die-hard Trump supporter. On his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts Parra posts many memes and deepfakes that criticize or make fun of DeSantis. On those same pages, he often praises Trump.

Much like the widely anticipated showdown between Trump and DeSantis, most conservatives who commented on the saga took Parra’s side.

Podcaster Elijah Shaffer tweeted, “This guy got TERMINATED from RSBN for being too critical of Ron DeSantis Free speech! Here we go.”

Steve Oatley said that he was “sad” but not surprised Parra was fired, adding, “So much for free speech.”

A few agreed with RSBN’s decision to fire Parra.

Twitter user @Shaftan called Parra an “unemployed whiny loser.” Parra fired back, “DeSantis shill, I’m so afraid.”

Far more took issue with RSBN firing Parra for criticizing DeSantis. Many blamed the governor personally.

“DeSantis out there getting his critics canned,” @OldRowSwig commented.

Via Twitter direct message, Parra told the Daily Dot that he has no reason to believe that DeSantis or his team played a role in him being terminated from his position as an independent contractor for the outlet. He also said that he bears “no ill will toward RSBN for making a decision they deemed best for their network.”

Asked whether this will affect his willingness to support DeSantis should he win the Republican presidential nomination, Parra demurred.

“I will also unequivocally be supporting President Donald Trump mainly because of his unfettered action and boldness,” Parra wrote. “Trump doesn’t shy away from critics or hide when the press is bad like some candidates do, he approaches it head-on, most of the time making his critics look shameful.”

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