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‘yes, I am with @DuchessOfDeFi’: Crypto bro appalls X by tagging his ex-wife and new girlfriend in divorce announcement

Armstrong last hit the news for getting arrested while livestreaming himself trying to get back a stolen Lamborghini (with his new girlfriend).


Marlon Ettinger


Ben Armstrong, a crypto influencer who used to be known as “BitBoy” before he departed from the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel over allegations of unprofessional behavior, announced on X on Tuesday that he was being divorced by his wife.

“She filed divorce papers to me today,” Armstrong wrote in a thread announcing the split. “Sometimes in life you make mistakes you can’t undo.”

Armstrong then said that he was in a relationship with Cassandra Wolfe, who goes by @DuchessOfDeFi on X. Wolfe worked as Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at BitBoy Crypto, according to her LinkedIn profile. She’s now listed as the Chief Operating Operator of the BEN Coin Collective, a crypto company founded by Armstrong after he left the BitBoy Crypto channel.

In September, Armstrong livestreamed a confrontation with a man he claimed stole his Lamborghini. The stream was titled “Live-streaming from Carlos’ House (Where my Lamborghini is).”

The police showed up and arrested Armstrong, who acknowledged bringing a gun with him. Also in the car was “Cassie,” who he said he was having an affair with but who he said his wife knew about.

“Cassie is the girl who I had an affair with,” Armstrong said during the incident. “She’s involved in this situation with me and this guy. My wife knows. We were just in my daughter’s tennis match. Armstrong accused the man of making death threats against him as well as stealing his car.

“I’m sorry to Bethany and my kids over my mistake,” Armstrong wrote in his thread on Tuesday. “Marriage is hard very hard because people change over time and after 15 years neither one of us is the same person we were when we met.”

“Going forward, I want my personal life to be less in the public,” Armstrong finished. “But ripping the band aid off here is what had to occur. You will see Cassie on the channel and around more and more. At this point, the best all of us can do is move forward together.”

Armstrong quickly got ratioed for the post, with posters pointing out how callous it was to tag his soon-to-be ex-wife and the women he cheated on her with in the same post.

“Tagging your wife and side piece in the same post is nasty work,” commented @TheRealNasa00.

“Translation: I cheated and I’m still the main character,” said @AlexanderPayton.

Armstrong has not issued any statements since the episode but continues to tag Duchess of DeFi on X.

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