Trump supporters try to troll Biden off Truth Social after president joins right-wing site

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‘gtfo nobody wants you here’: Trump supporters try to troll Biden off Truth Social after president joins right-wing site

‘Welcome to the truth. Your lies won’t matter here.’


David Covucci


Today, President Joe Biden joined Truth Social, meeting his potential 2024 opponent, former President Donald Trump, on his home turf.

Biden becomes the biggest Democrat to join Truth Social, which is predominantly populated by right-wing figures and Trump sycophants.

“Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!” the account wrote on the platform Trump created after getting booted off mainstream social sites in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

This was met by a series of frantic responses in the comments. A number of users tried to convince Biden he’d lost the 2020 election, which Trump still claims is illegitimate. Others attempted to bully the president off the site with memes and insults.

“Trump won and you know it,” wrote one.

“Welcome to the truth. Your lies won’t matter here either,” said another.

“Welcome! Maybe being here will help you wake up to the fact that your Administration is clueless, your leader is apparently brain dead, your polls are low for a reason, and there are a whole bunch of citizens looking to hold you accountable. Best of luck to you. Not sure this is going to play out the way you think. My vote certainly isn’t up for grabs,” wrote another.

In a series of posts, Biden shared clips of Trump’s GOP primary opponent bashing him on the debt and supporting Biden’s position on the Israel-Palestine war.

One clip was a video of Trump’s biggest opponent in the primary, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), highlighting Trump’s increases to the national debt.

“DeSantis: ‘[Donald Trump] owes it to you to defend his record where they added 7.8 trillion to the debt. That set the stage for the inflation that we have now,’” Biden’s account wrote.

“Lol. Showing a video clip of the person who Trump is absolutely torching in the polls isn’t quite the own you’re trying to pretend it is,” responded one.

“Fox host on President Biden’s speech: I will say that I thought it was a strong… a strong speech,” said another post by Biden.

“The term strong and Biden don’t go together, gtfo nobody wants you here,” responded one person.

Biden’s account, however, continues to post through the backlash, recently uploading a clip of Nikki Haley supporting Biden’s speech on Israel and Palestine.

“Lol you just walked into the wrong club bruh. You cant lie here,” responded a user.

Another added a meme of Biden, playing off accusations the president’s mental faculties have declined, wearing sunglasses and a T-shirt that says “where the fuck am I?”

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