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Biden’s master plan 

As the conflicts have raged on, the consensus meme is that only one president kept us out of wars entirely. 


David Covucci


Posted on Oct 13, 2023   Updated on Oct 14, 2023, 10:52 am CDT

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1) Is it Israel vs. Hamas or U.S. vs U.S.?

Almost immediately after Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday, sparking an all-out war, far-right figures pointed to a recent deal by the Biden administration with Iran that unfroze $6 billion in funds. Despite the money having yet to be delivered, critics say the cash was funneled to Hamas to fund the terror attack that left nearly 1,000 Israelis dead. 

Biden had blood on his hands. And while that’s a stark and damning accusation, deep in the recesses of the TRUMP FOREVER group on Truth Social, an even more nefarious ploy was afoot. 

It stems from the recent government shutdown, partially about funding the war in Ukraine.

A cadre of hardliners in the House of Representatives booted Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) over funding to Ukraine. So, Biden, a globalist, needed a way to backdoor money to the nation as it fends off Russia.  

Thus, a new plan emerged. “So if you are President Biden, unable to fund Ukraine who have mountains of evidence of your treason because of republicans. What do you do? You give 6 billion to Iran and get them to fund an attack on Israel by Hamas. Then you tie the funding of Ukraine and Israel together to pass a bill.”

While the U.S. has pledged weapons and funds to Israel, none of it as of yet has been tied to a secret Ukraine deal. In fact, the U.S. just announced more money to Ukraine out in the open, somewhat blunting the claim

But the post willfully obfuscates the fact that supporting Ukraine isn’t just a secret Biden agenda, it’s a congressional consensus, as only eight representatives stood up over it.  

Others on Truth Social think, somehow, that the weapons and funding for the Ukraine war were just a front to funnel weapons to Hamas. 

Which means that the decision to aid an ally in a fight against a universally agreed upon (in politics) enemy was actually a secret move to aid an enemy to attack a universally agreed upon (in politics) ally. 

Regardless, the meme could best be summed up in one image on Gab. 

And Gab might be the only place on the internet where users haven’t picked a side

While the discourse on X and other sites has revealed both horrific opinions and thoughtful, nuanced discussion. Instead, the antisemitic, Islamophobia site has been using the conflict to proclaim Jesus as the only way of truth. 

Well, that and Trump. Because as the conflicts have raged on, the consensus meme is that only one president kept us out of wars entirely. 

2) Imposter Jordan Peterson fails to launch on BlueSky

Over on BlueSky, collective action works! Even if it means targeting an imposter.

Joining BlueSky is still largely contingent on invite codes, meaning friends send them out to friends. While that can reign in bad actors, it doesn’t mean problematic figures can’t be entirely kept away

So when Jordan Peterson—the Daily Wire’s Xanax’ed out champion of the manosphere—appeared on the site, users figured they could tamp down his reach by convincing as many people to block him as possible

“Now that Jordan Peterson is on here I think we need to proactively identify accounts to block to help new users and warn them about the purely public nature of everything on here as stalking, brigading, and abuse will be a lot worse on here without safety features,” one wrote.

And a call to preemptively block seems to work.  On an app that tracks blocked accounts on BlueSky, Jordan Peterson was atop the list with almost 17,000 blocks, to just 100 followers. The next actual person has 10,000. 

Except that, it’s probably not Jordan Peterson, as the account’s been tagged with an impersonation warning

Which raises the question? If you pretend to be Jordan Peterson on BlueSky and no one’s around to see it, what are you doing with your life?

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*First Published: Oct 13, 2023, 6:00 am CDT