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7-year-old Syrian girl livetweets harrowing attack in Aleppo that destroyed her home

‘When we die, keep talking for 200,000 still inside. BYE.’


Michelle Jaworski


Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who has tweeted the horrors she and others in Aleppo have faced for months now, narrowly escaped the latest attack from the Syrian government.

In the two months since she and her mother, Fatemah, launched the Twitter account, they have captured a first-hand look at the violence, terror, and devastation faced in Aleppo with more than 100,000 followers. She’s even befriended J.K. Rowling, who sent digital copies of the Harry Potter books her way after seeing Fatemah’s message.

Bana took to Twitter over the weekend with a much more distressing message. One of Bana’s friends was killed by a bomb, and the attacks from the Syrian government, which captured a part of Eastern Aleppo, were getting closer to where Bana and her family lived. Fatemah begged for food to be allowed to be brought into the city for the civilians who were without it.

The next day, Bana begged for help and asked her followers to pray for her.

Fatemah updated the situation on Sunday and revealed that the Syrian army had gotten through. Unaware of how much time they had left, she asked for everyone to remember the other civilians who were still in Aleppo.

Followers received an update from Bana a few hours later. She had almost died, she told them, and her home was destroyed. She, Fatemah, and their family are now on the run with updates coming less frequently.

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