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Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is being resurrected, and turned into an artificially intelligent robot.

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Hanson Robotics wants to make the 14.5-inch-tall figure available to the public via a Kickstarter campaign. The mini-version of the man who came up with the mass energy-equivalence formula (E = mc^2, but you already knew that), is able to express himself using different movements.

The AI will stick its tongue out at you when it’s poking fun, or point at you when it wants your attention, to name a few of its more than 50 gestures.

The creepy little device is also able to interact with a number of iPad games, teaching you science as you play along on the accompanying Stein-O-Matic app. It can also replace your shopping list or events calendar with the cloud it uses for a brain.   

If you’re feeling lonely, Professor Einstein will hold a conversation with you, answering questions about the weather, famous people, food, or math problems.

We’re not so sure about that German accent, but if you want a fast route to AI after seeing the many prototypes taking over the floor of CES, this Einstein robot is exactly what you’re looking for, theoretically.

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Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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