Albert Einstein speaking. Albert Einstein memes began popping up on the internet after Oppenhimer's release.

‘His job is just beach’: Photo of Albert Einstein in sandals becomes a ‘feels like summer’ meme

He is seated.

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Blake Griffin pioneers shirt obama martin luther king muhammad ali

The L.A. Clippers put Blake Griffin on a T-shirt alongside Ali, Gandhi, MLK, and Obama


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Take home your very own Albert Einstein robot

Want to learn more about math? Ask Einstein himself.

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Why does Albert Einstein have a ‘verified’ Twitter account?

Einstein is one of many celebrities tweeting from beyond the grave.

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Famous scientists get sweet moves as fighting-game characters

Pixel art is back with a vengeance.

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David Tennant explains Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity on its 100th anniversary

Not sure you understand the theory? No problem. David Tennant is here to help.

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Hitler’s clone and 4 other historical doppelgängers on the Internet

All this science has gotten out of hand.

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Get nostalgic with these 12 ’90s romcoms streaming on Netflix

Throw on some Airwalks and Jncos and revisit some of these romantic comedies from the era of flannel.

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Which famous figure do you see? The answer says a lot

AsapSCIENCE knows how good your vision is.

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Read what Albert Einstein wrote to Marie Curie about haters

Another timeless lesson from the world’s most famous genius.

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Niceness counts for Nice Peter

He’s a nice guy who makes nice videos. So we can only wish him well when he hits a million subscribers. Nice!

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