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Trump, White House confused about gender of dog involved in al-Baghdadi raid

Conan the dog is a very good boy?


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President Donald Trump and the White House can’t seem to agree on whether the dog involved in al-Baghdadi raid is a very good girl or a very good boy.

Conan the dog took part in the mission that resulted in ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death in October. The confusion began on Monday when Trump awarded Conan. Trump, along with Vice President Mike Pence, referred to Conan with male pronouns.

A reporter then said a White House official confirmed “on background” that Conan is actually female, according to Slate. Later on, according to a White House official, it was declared that Conan is a male.

On Tuesday, the Department of Defense (DoD) got involved to seemingly set the record straight: Conan is a female.

“Conan, the hero dog, dilemma: Monday: Trump says male WH then says Conan is a female WH then corrects to say Conan is a male Today: DoD says female Then, WH stands by story that Conan is male. Then, DoD says male, after *triple checking*,” Twitter user @KFaulders wrote.


Then, another DoD official said that “for sure Conan the hero dog is a male based on multiple internal checks,” according to ABC reporter Luis Martinez.

The dog’s gender has not changed from male since mid-Tuesday.

People used the photo Trump tweeted of Conan in October to speculate about the dog’s gender, with most accusing Trump, along with White House and DoD officials, of lying about Conan’s “confirmed” gender.

“Gender reveal: girl dog #ConanTheDog #Conan #dogs Just because Trump called it a boy, you can’t rewrite biology,” Twitter user @LauraK9doc wrote, along with the photo of Conan marked with a circle around the dog’s crotch.


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