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This college snowball fight could lead to legal charges

“It’s anarchy.”


Austin Powell


There’s something altogether magical about snow days—those rare instances when public institutions shut down, clearing the day for sledding and sleeping. It’s like recess, just a powderly bliss enjoyed by all.

Just last Friday, my girlfriend was huddled in front of the TV, in slippers and sweatpants, waiting like a kid for the news that her office was closed. (It never came.)

Two hours down the road, however, what started as a playful snowball fight organized by players the University of Oregon football team devolved into an ugly ordeal with possible legal ramifications.

In the above video, students stop the car of Sherwin Simmons, a retired professor, then proceed to bomb it with snowballs from every direction. At one point, when Simmons attempts to exit the vehicle, someone dumps a bucket of snow into his car. Once out, he continues to be pelted at close range.

Simmons attempts to talk reason at times, but as one onlooker declares, “It’s anarchy.”

According the Daily Emerald, the incident is being investigated by local officials.

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