38 things Twitter is blaming for the Russian meteor

What's the cause of the Russian meteor? Probably physics. But everyone on Twitter has a theory anyway!

Chicken Little must be freaking out right now.

The sky isn't exactly falling, but meteors are, directly into the lap of Mother Russia. Quick-thinking Russians captured footage of a meteor streaking across the sky in the Urals region Friday, while Twitter's wits racked their brains to determine the cause of the event.

Was George W. Bush to blame? Probably not. That didn't stop tweeters from claiming the ex-president was behind the dastardly attack natural phenomenon.

Here are a bunch of people who think there's a tangible reason (beyond science and chance) for the meteor bursting into Russia:


And that's not to mention all the things that are apparently the meteor's fault:

Betcha can't guess what Twitter thinks should be the official anthem of the meteor:

Lastly, here's how Russian President/superhero Vladimir Putin apparently got involved:

Photo via zyalt/LiveJournal


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