Woman kicks man's ass after he harasses her in an elevator

woman punches man

Photo via somethingness/Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

What a creep.

Why won't gross dudes just get that it's never OK to harass women?

One man learned that lesson the hard way after trying to grab the wrong lady. A camera caught what went down in an elevator between the creep and our heroine (no, this is not Jay-Z and Solange). She shrugs him off the first time he gets too close, but then he has the gall to actually put his hands on her. So she goes for the quadruple hit: two slaps, then a knee to his balls and his gut.

And if men need yet another reminder why not to act like jerks, go back and watch the clip from last year of a waitress knocking a man out after he touched her butt.  
Woman makes up-skirt photographer eat his memory card
Women around the world constantly put up with harassment in public spaces—often with little recourse for justice.
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