The internet was loving Tonga's muscled, oily Olympics flag bearer

tonga flag bearer

Screengrab via BBC

Things are heating up in Rio.

Every four years, the world's finest athletes come together for the Summer Olympics to battle it out in events like swimming, cycling, and more. The Opening Ceremony is a joyous event with each country proudly marching with their flags to help kick things off.

Also very important is that a lot of these athletes are majorly hot. And boy, oh boy was the internet thirsting after one fine specimen of the male anatomy Friday night.

Tonga's Taekwondo champion Pita Taufatofua led his country, all the while being half-naked and totally greased up in baby oil. While his comrades were decked out in some spiffy red blazers, Taufatofua's glistening muscles caught viewers' attention. 

If you want to enjoy more of the ripped champion's beauty, you can follow him on Instagram. You won't be disappointed.

The games have just started, but looks like Taufatofua has already gotten a gold medal from the internet.

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