One industrious fan is playing matchmaker for Thom Yorke and Björk

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They could certainly make beautiful music together.

If you've ever wanted to play matchmaker with the lives of musicians who have recently broken up with a romantic partner and then might or might not have released an album about it, now's a great time for you.

And thanks to this petition, you can be like Yente and try to match up Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and experimental singer-songwriter Björk.

If the petition receives 10,000 signatures (as of 5:40am CT on Thursday, only 1,108 have signed), it will be delivered to Yorke and Björk—who then will be asked to, in the words of the petition's creator, "at least consider" the possibilities of a romantic liaison.

The timing couldn't be better.

Yorke and his partner of 23 years divorced in 2015, and as the New York Post muses, Yorke "channels his relationship woes in [the] new Radiohead album," A Moon Shaped Pool. Meanwhile, Björk's 2015 album, Vulnicura, explored the end of her relationship with American artist Matthew Barney.

As she told Pitchfork at the time, "When I did this album—it all just collapsed. I didn’t have anything. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced in my life."

Now, though, people are hoping she's ready to begin life anew with somebody—more specifically, with Yorke.

If this happens, and Yorke and Björk agree to go on a date, that would be wonderful for everybody involved, especially for those who love cutesy couple names that rhyme. 

But a lasting union between York and Björk will probably never happen. For one, musician marriages almost never work in the long run. And secondly, it's not like there's a big outcry (yet) on the petition for this relationship to be manufactured.

Besides, Yorke and Björk have already seen it all together.

Join Björk on a beach in this virtual-reality music video
Last week, Björk released the video for “Stonemilker,” a song off her latest album, Vulnicura. It’s her first video shot specifically for virtual reality headsets, and the camera follows Björk around an Icelandic beach, encircling the singer as she walks alone. Toward the end, Björk multiplies and fills the screen with a plaintive melody.
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