Clay Davis of "The Wire" sums up Vine in 1 curse word

I'd kill for a vine of Bunk and McNulty saying "f**k" over and over again.

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No longer a bribe-gobbling Maryland state senator, Isiah Whitlock Jr. is milking his single greatest line for all it's worth in his post-Wire career. (Whitlock's circa-2011 Twitter handle is, of course, @IsiahSheeitlock. See also: Cedar Rapids.)

This clip sums up our feelings about the often frustrating six-second-video service pretty well. Of course you've gotta learn Vine. It's all in the (social media) game. 

I'd kill for a vine of Bunk and McNulty saying "f**k" over and over again.

Photo by p373/Flickr

the wire
YouTube right now! "Breaking Bad" in the style of "The Wire"
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