The race to find the dumbest way to enter your phone number on a website


Screengrab via Stelian Firez/Twitter

Why would you ever do this?

There are a lot ways to go wrong in building a website, but this one is just unbelievable. So unbelievable that when designer Stelian Firez stumbed on it, all he could do is throw a screenshot up on Twitter with an "oh. my. god." What madness is this? 

Yep, instead of a text field for your phone number, that's three separate drop-down menus, the last including every number from 0000-9999. 

It could have ended there. We could've walked away laughing and shaking your head. But the screenshot went viral, and people in the front-end business started to wonder whether they could invent an even worse way to botch the simple problem of entering a phone number. 


This is a hate crime.

Oh, no.
Christ. Why?What am I even looking at, here? 

Is there no end?

Ah, wait—maybe this:I give up. Can I just write my number on a piece of paper and fax it in?
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