English grandma shows us how to Google more politely

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We could all learn a lot from this lady.

"Siri, what's the weather going to be like today?"

"Google, translate this Japanese for me."

These are the kinds of request we make of our technology, and does it ever get a word of thanks? Of course not. We just head out with our umbrella, knowing what that Japanese headline said, and never look back.

But not this English grandma. When she makes a request, she minds her p's and q's. Her grandson, Ben Eckersley of Wigan, U.K., recently came across her web search history and found that when she made a request of Google, she was as polite as if she was asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar.

It was such a silly, sweet gesture, that the internet fell in love. The image has now been retweeted over 20,000 times.
In fact, it was so touching that Google responded directly.

Which of course brought a smile to her face.

Let that be a lesson to all of us. We need to start treating our technology they way we want it to treat us. Maybe if Dave had thrown a "please" when addressing HAL 9000, things would have gone a little smoother for him.
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