Here's what the Internet did with NYT Mag's 'Planet Hillary' cover

planet-hillary.jpg (1440×720)
And yet it feels we've only scratched the surface.

Did the art editors at New York Times Magazine know that their unreal “Planet Hillary” cover was a Photoshop comedian’s dream come true? Because it really seems that way.

Just like that, a meme was born.

GIF via Ben Rosen

A meme that would pair nicely with other memes, too—and not just Hillary-based ones.

There were some other pop-cultural comparisons.

The planetoid image also proved instrumental in news-of-the-moment mashups, because can a Justin Bieber mugshot and hideous winter Olympics uniforms ever make things worse? 

Poor Hillary Clinton. Does she truly deserve to be lumped in with these other disgraceful stories, just because she’s had her face digitally altered into a celestial sphere? Of course not—but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop laughing.

Photo via davidjoachim/Twitter

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