This man claims he can hypnotize you over videochat

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This is one of those YouTube videos where you don’t know whether to hope that it’s real... or hope that it’s not.

This is one of those YouTube videos where you don’t know whether to hope that it’s real... or hope that it’s not.

Nick Kolenda, a “psychologist and entertainer” who has previously made videos where he “reads minds” on Chatroulette, has apparently found a way to hypnotize people via the randomized chat site Omegle. In this new video, we see him send three girls to sleep just by snapping his fingers, and then make them believe that they’re talking to Harry Styles or Jennifer Lawrence rather than a hypnotist sitting around in a hoodie like every other person on Omegle.

We don’t get to see the 10 minutes of preamble during which he got those three girls into their hypnotized state (and we kind of hope he got their permission beforehand), but the results are a mixture of cool and slightly disturbing. 

Like any hypnotism show, you find yourself wondering: Would I fall for that? Although of course, we don’t know how many people he had to go through on Omegle before he found three who would let him do this. Plus, there’s always the solid chance that the whole thing is a fake, set up before it was filmed. But you’ll have to work that one out for yourself.

Screengrab via thementalismshow/YouTube

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