Explorer discovers beautiful 'penis bouquet' in 'No Man's Sky'

penis bouquet no man's sky screenshot

Photo via smackvein/Reddit

Travel the universe, see the dicks.
No Man's Sky gives players the opportunity to explore an infinite universe, seek out strange planets and spacecraft, and discover new forms of flora and fauna. 

And in this landscape of infinite variety, what have our brave adventurers found? Dicks, man. An entire bouquet of dicks.

"I know they don't want us naming shit after our dicks. But sometimes 'Penis Bouquet' is the only name that fits," writes redditor Smackvein, who discovered this agglomeration of phallic protuberances. (Wow, he's right. "Penis bouquet" is a lot catchier.)

"They really do look like dirty, wooden, onion-headed dongs," marvels top commentor harry_b_hole. Reddit's r/gaming forum is a fun place. 

No Man's Sky boasts that it contains 18 quintillion planets, more than any person could explore in a lifetime. Is anyone truly surprised that, even with 18 quintillion planets, the penis fronds are the first thing to go viral

Despite the game's title, it certainly appears to be a man's sky so far. 

H/T Mic

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