NMA responds to the 'quit heard 'round the world' with its own dance video

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This is the future we live in now. You quit via viral video, and your boss responds via viral video.

It’s now known as the "quit heard 'round the world." 

This week, a young employee quit her job via a “dance break,” striking a chord with people in shitty desk jobs everywhere.

But dancing quitter Marina Shifrin worked for Next Media Animation, famous for its bizarre Taiwanese reenactment videos. And NMA’s other employees want to convince the Internet that their jobs aren’t as bad as Shifrin would have us think. They’ve responded to the former employee's viral video exit with a video of their own.

The video parodies Marina's video where she danced around her office to Kanye West's “Gone” and talked about how her boss did not care that she was working at 4a.m. and favored quantity over quality.  She explained in the video that she gave two years of her life and sacrificed relationships for this job she hated. She lamented that her boss only cared about page views, not content.

So far, the Internet seems to be taking her side. 

The NMA parody has drawn the ire of YouTube commenters who claim it’s "passive aggressive," "unoriginal," and proves Marina's point about NMA being a bad place to work.

This is the future we live in now. You quit via viral video, and your boss responds via viral video. 


Screengrab via YouTube

next media animation
Woman quits her Internet job in the most Internet way possible
Over the weekend, Marina Shifrin did what many people long to do: She quit a job she hated. Shifrin was employed at Next Media Animation, creator of those bizarre Taiwanese reenactment videos, so she gave her boss this bit of news in a medium he could understand.
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