News anchor raps about his vasectomy in video Christmas card

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It's been a big 2013 for this family.

Every year, people all over the country receive the latest batch of Christmas cards from friends and family members. The typical mailing includes a laundry list of updates on the kids, equating accomplishments like report cards and potty training with, say, the first moon landing. After a quick glance, the recipient proudly displays the card in the nearest trashcan and goes on living his or her life.

Penn Holderness, a news anchor with WNCN in Raleigh, North Carolina took a decidedly different approach to the concept of Christmas greetings. He, his wife, and his children decided to don loud "Christmas jammies" and rap about their accomplishments over the past year.

The surprisingly well-done message, set to the beat of Will Smith's hit "Miami," describes the Holderness family's 2013 highlights, including their purchase of a Prius V and Penn's own vasectomy.

Holderness' video has received over 3 million views since being posted to YouTube on December 11, meaning that it is already far more memorable than 99 percent of holiday greetings—traditional or electronic.

That sound you hear is thousands of unsent Christmas cards being dumped into the recycling bin, because the bar just got set a little higher. 

H/T Time Newsfeed | Screengrab via VisitTheGreenroom / YouTube

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