A successor to 'planking' and 'Tebowing' has emerged, and it's 'whaling'

Breach | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Don't look before you leap.

When whales do it, it’s “breaching.” When humans do it on Vine, it’s a meme called “whaling”—a harmless activity not to be confused with your garden-variety street beatings

Yes, now that planking, Quidditching, frosting, milking, Vadering, owling, and Tebowing have all peaked and become unglamourous, you’ll want to record video of yourself behaving like a giant marine mammal in unlikely places. Until we think of something better.

Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but this type of social media fad may have jumped the shark long ago.

Photo by Ian C/Flickr

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