Firefighters save 120-pound Great Dane that somehow got stuck up a tree

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Screengrab via Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook

This was not kitty-in-a-tree phone call.

Here are the jobs of a small-town firefighter, in order of importance:

  1. Rescuing people from fires.
  2. Helping cute little kittens out of trees.
  3. Giving tours of the firehouse to every Girl Scout troop and pre-K class in the immediate area.
  4. Breaking into your car for you when you've locked yourself out with the engine running.
  5. Getting laid on top of the fire engine.

What most firefighters (probably) don't count on in the course of their job is having to rescue 120-pound Great Danes from great heights. Luckily, the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department in Nebraska figured out how the trick: Basically, grab the dog and toss it down to a net on the ground.

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Owner Wes McGuirk told KETV that his dog, Kora, probably ran up the tree while chasing a squirrel or raccoon after jumping a 5-foot fence in pursuit. But she couldn't get himself back down, so he called for help.

"I would have never thought it was possible," McGuirk told the TV station, 

Hey, it may not be six ducklings saved from a storm drain, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

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