Alaska moose plays soothing tune on wind chimes

moose plays wind chimes

Photo via Andrew E. Russell/Flickr (CC-BY 2.0)

This melody is mad relaxing.

You'll be astounded by this up-and-coming artist's titillating music. She's a true virtuoso who pushes the envelope when it comes to the craft. She might not look like Sia or Rihanna—in fact, she doesn't look like any other musical icon in today's age. 

That's because this innovative songstress is a moose.

Britta Schroeder heard the wind chimes outside of her window and caught the majestic diva beautifully playing the instrument with her nose. Who would've thought that the next biggest thing in music would be from Healy, Alaska? (Or should we say 'moosic'?)  

We're all waiting for her first single to drop. 
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