Melting a giant jawbreaker is deliciously mesmerizing

melting jawbreaker

Screengrab via LET'S MELT THIS/YouTube (Public Domain)

Check out that sweet center.

Bite down on a jawbreaker and you'll see how the candy got its name. But haven't you always wondered what the sweet treat looks like on the inside?

Well, wonder no more. The people over at Let's Melt This melted a giant jawbreaker using a blowtorch, and the result is sweetly mesmerizing, as we see all the colors under that spotted exterior. In some ways, it feels like looking at a cross-section of a planet. 

The next time you're sucking on one of these treats, just remember the beauty on the inside.
A red-hot nickel ball burning through a Jawbreaker is oddly satisfying
Making it to the center of a Jawbreaker—also known as Gobstoppers, depending on your location—is a rite of passage for many kids around the world. It takes courage, patience, and determination to complete such an epic task. Or, if you happen to have a red-hot ball of metal handy, that seems to work just as well.
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