This service thinks your vine is 5 seconds too long

Sure, it may just be a figment of sketch comedy. But Grape is the pointless diversion America deserves.

Twitter’s micro-video Vine platform had a pretty good run, but it’s already on the way out, thanks to Grape, a brilliant innovation by the gamer geeks of Mega64. It’s a lot like Vine, actually—except instead of six seconds of footage, you get just one.

What this means, in practice, is that where Vine “boiled down YouTube videos to their essence, setup and punchline,” Grape removes the setup, leaving the viewer with an instant of white-hot entertainment: a fall, a punch, an explosion, a scream. Top users can be named “Grapist of the Week,” but be careful: “the clock’s always against you, gotta make it count.”

Sure, it may just be a figment of sketch comedy, but by the time we get to a montage of all the best Grapes, you may start to think that this app has real potential. Who can be bothered with narrative arcs anymore? Grape is the pointless diversion America deserves.

Photo via RoccoB64/YouTube

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