The internet is loving this 9-year-old rugby player who's a beast on the field

rugby Meaalofa Teo

Screengrab via Moroni Martin/Facebook

This kid's got a bright future.

There's no doubt that Meaalofa Te’o is his team's MVP.

Video from the finals of a rugby tournament in Canberra, Australia, on Sunday shows the 9-year-old killing it on the field, pushing aside anybody that dares get in his way. He's both ruthless and fast, bolting past every other kid after he clears his path. Meanwhile, the rest of his teammates stand aside and let him do his thing.

Moroni Martin posted the original video, which has started to make the rounds on Facebook. 

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Some online commenters have grilled the youth and argued that he should be playing with older kids who are closer to his size. But Natalie Leighton, who was at the game, had some kind things to say about Meaalofa and his team.

She writes, "We lost 20-10 not a massive loss, showing a pretty fair game, both teams played really well and number 17 is only doing what he's supposed to do, scoring tries in a game of football, nothing unfair there!! This team was humble, talented and showed amazing sportsmanship!!!" She also posted a picture of the two competing teams together.

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Check out all these kids' smiles! Looks like no hard feelings at all. 

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