Britain was freaking out due to a shortage of disgusting Marmite

marmite jar

Photo via Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)

Turns out most people hate Marmite anyway.

Thanks to a price row between big-ass multinational corporation Unilever and U.K. supermarket chain Tesco, the yeasty British delicacy Marmite disappeared from shelves earlier this week. This was a genuine crisis for some, and a jokey crisis for many more. 

And it had a jokey nickname: "Marmexit."

The Marmite crisis was reportedly a result of Brexit and the weakened British pound, causing Unilever to demand price increases on the popular spread. Rather than focusing on the cause of the disaster, though, Brits were cracking dry jokes.

The panic, and the use of Marmite as a political football, was short-lived. The crisis was resolved Thursday, and Marmite should be back on Tesco shelves soon. 

Some 48 percent of Brits will be very happy about this. And the rest of the world will continue to wonder what the hell Marmite even is. British tastebuds: still a mystery.
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