Life-size Lego man with realistic skin is horrifying beyond words

realistic lego man cosplay

Screengrab via Tested / Youtube

Greetings from the bottom of the uncanny valley.

Here is a face. It is a human face. It is a nice face.

Here is another face. It is a Lego face. It is a cute face.And here is a thing that should never be.Oh, are you not completely traumitized? No problem, because here come the giant creepy hands.The mask and hands were created by Frank Ippolito, who last year constructed a somehow less terrifying full-size Rancor costume—something that George Lucas couldn't even pull off in Return of the Jedi.Ippolito wore his disturbing Mini-Fig costume around Comic-Con and, surprisingly, didn't cause a bunch of children to wet themselves.
The kids actually seem super into it—and can't stop touching him. Although maybe they wouldn't have been so eager if they knew how much sweat was stewing in there.Let this be a lesson to all Lego fans. Not everything is awesome. Some stuff is just super creepy.

H/T Kotaku

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